Next Generation Life / 2

I’d like to clarify some topics related with my last post:

  • First of all I’d like to credit the Institute for Creative Technologies for the amazing performance capture provided for the animation ( Their new capture technology enable photoreal facial animation performances together with extremely detailed skin features. The full team behind the capture, leaded by Paul Debevec, is the following: Oleg Alexander, Graham Fyffe, Jay Busch, Ryosuke Ichikari, Abhijeet Ghosh, Andrew Jones, Paul Graham, Svetlana Akim, Xueming Yu, Koki Nagano, Borom Tunwattanapong, Valerie Dauphin, Ari Shapiro and Kathleen Haase.
  • Lauren head scan (the woman one) was obtained from Infinite-Realities.
  • Second, it has been quoted in numerous sources if this was related with the Nvidia FaceWorks presented in GTC. I’d like to clarify that we both use the same performance capture from the ICT, but the animation and render engine is completely different. In other words, same source data but different engine.
  • Finally, I’d to clarify that the technology we presented runs in its higher quality preset at 93/74 fps at 720/1080p respectively, in a GeForce GTX 560 TI (a two-year old mid-range GPU).

Thanks to all the people who showed interest in our reseach, the slides will be available pretty soon online!

  1. Hidk:

    That was a great demo you showed at GDC.
    Is there any chance you’ll post your slides ?

  2. Hidk:

    Whoops, the 2 last lines of your post answered my question ;)

  3. corysama:

    I’m going to assume you meant “93/74 fps at 720/1080p respectively”. Wonderful results, btw!

  4. Jorge Jimenez:

    Yes, thanks for the correction!

  5. Nir Benty:

    Really cool stuff! Any chance you can post the presentation?

  6. Michael:

    Will this demo be downloadable soon? The FPS you’re getting is really really impressive. Especially considering I only get 30fps on my 770 in the new Nvidia’s “Faceworks” demo (which uses the same head/animation) and I even prefer how yours looks. Your eye shader is better in all ways. Also, are we ever going to see your shader in actual games? I can’t wait. Really amazing stuff.

  7. Paul:

    Just watched the presentation on gdcvault. Incredible results! Any news on when you’ll be releasing the slides?

  8. Jorge Jimenez:

    We are working on it, hopefully soon :-)

  9. Paul:

    Glad to hear it Jorge! Can’t wait to check them out!