SMAA: Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing

We are proud to announce the evolution of Jimenez’s MLAA!

SMAA, Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing

It solves the key weaknesses of MLAA by introducing the following features:

  • Improved pattern searchs
  • Improved pattern detection
  • Diagonal handling
  • Avoiding the general roundness introduced by MLAA
  • And probably the most important: subpixel features.

We’ve decided to release it as a technical report, available here:
SMAA: Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing

Please note that some information is outdated (for example the timings of FXAA and SRAA, as they are now faster); we will be updating it in the next weeks. The souce code builds on top of Jimenez’s MLAA v1.5, so we will be posting patches with each improvement we added, with all the nut and bolts details, so stay tuned!

We’ll also be talking a little about it in the SIGGRAPH course Filtering Approaches for Real-Time Anti-Aliasing, we invite you to come by!

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  1. BUDA20:

    I’m very impressed, I compiled and tested your demos from the source, but I was unable to make this compatible to “some dude” injection dll, I think it would be a nice boost to make it known if you adapt your shader to that injection method, to make it compatible to almost any existent PC game.

  2. Jorge Jimenez:

    BUDA20, if you give me more details about the problem, maybe I can take a look into it! I’ll also need to know what DLL you are referring to.
    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. itsmydamnation:

    this(SMAA2.4) has been implemented for Oblivion via OBGE (oblivion Graphic extender). OBGE also supports lots of other shader based AA’s (FX,ML,DL,etc) and SMAA looks by far the best!!!!!


  4. Ozo:

    I also downloaded the demo. Very interesting. I was however surprised to see only two SMAA modes available in the demo (SMAA 1x and SMAA T2x). Do you plan on adding support for the other SMAA modes (like S2x and 4x)? I would like to compare quality and performance of all of those.


  5. Jorge Jimenez:

    Yes, it’s planned to have the S2x and 4x modes in the next release. We’ve them implemented on a branch of testing code; we hope to be able to clean up the code soon and integrate these modes into the main branch.