Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

After a silent period, I’m proud to present the advances we’re doing in eye shading at Activision Blizzard!

This wednesday I’ll talk about it in the Advances in Real-Time Rendering course (in SIGGRAPH 2012), I invite you to come by for all the gory details!

The R&D team behind this shader consists on Javier Von Der Pahlen (Technology Director R&D and Photographer), Etienne Danvoye (Technical Director) and me (Real-Time Graphics Researcher). Also participated Zbyněk Kysela (Modeler and Texture Artist), Suren Manvelyan (Photographer) and Bernardo Antoniazzi (Techical Art Director).

Performance wise, rendering the eyes takes a 2%-3% of the whole demo. This is work in progress, but here you have some shots showcasing our shader:

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  2. The last rendered image was breathtaking especially when zoomed in. The detail within the eye with eye fluids and their reflections makes it so life-like its hard to tell.


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  4. 2%-3% is pretty steep but WOW – looks amazing! Be interesting to see how much this can be improved in terms of performance, visually though its unbelievable.

    P.S. Do you have any video footage to we can see it in motion (how it reacts to light etc…)?

  5. James:

    First have to say i love your work, Now for the request ;) I would love to see the ssss demo for dx10 updated with your new advances (eye’s etc) in a DX11 demo, Maybe mixed with your morphing experiments for facial animation. Would love to see this work updated, keep up the good work. J

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