SMAA T2x source code released

SMAA T2x source code released

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the SMAA T2x source code!

We joined forces with Tiago Sousa from Crytek, to deliver a very mature temporal antialiasing solution. It has been integrated into CryEngine 3, checkout the SMAA demo movie.

The goal of SMAA is to more accurately match the results of supersampling, by faithfully representing subpixel features, and by solving other common problems of filter-based antialiasing. This reduces the flickering seen in complex scenes.

On the other hand, we made really big efforts towards simplifying the usage of our shader; the source code is now reduced to a single SMAA.h header and two textures, with very detailed comments and instructions. We hope this will ease integration into game engines. The feedback so far has been very positive, with a Java/Ruby programmer with no experience in graphics integrating SMAA into Oblivion (using OBGE) in just a few hours.

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