Stare Into The Future

Stare Into The Future

As promised, here you have the GDC 2013 slides of our Next-Generation Character Rendering talk:

Next-Generation-Character-Rendering-v6.pptx [312 MB]

Beware of the big download, the slides are full of high-definition images and movies. Hope you like them!

We will be presenting it again in GDC China 2013, so if you are nearby, we invite you to come by!


  1. Paul:

    Awesome! Thank you Jorge!

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  3. Lee Perry-Smith:

    Fascinating read and amazing research, thank you for sharing the slides. Incredible work.

  4. Michael:

    This is amazing. Do you think you’ll release a new demo for it? Or are there any games in development that will take advantage of this work? I can’t wait. Again, great job.

  5. Jorge Jimenez:

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Michael: at this point we can’t answer that, but thanks for the interest!

  6. April Tsui:

    Awesome!Looking forward to see you in GDC China.

  7. Sébastien Lagarde:

    Awesome, with just the render of a head, you cover almost all topics of a modern graphic engine! Your slides are a treasure of information and technique. Big thanks for that!

  8. Jorge Jimenez:

    Thanks Sébastien for all the knowledge you shared on your blog, and for the conversations about physically based rendering; it was an amazing source of inspiration :-)

    And thanks for your kind comments as well, it means a lot to me.

  9. Alex Tamayo:

    ¡Enhorabuena, Jorge! What a brilliant read. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is awesome! :)

  11. CruNcher:

    Your results are inspiring for everyone in this field :)

    @Sébastien Lagarde
    Whatever people say Remember me was awesome and inspiring as well :)

  12. Mike:

    I really liked this, fascinating stuff. Even if I won’t be duplicating the technology here soon, I learned a lot about why things look the way they do and the advanced details of rendering that had escaped me.

    I thought I knew a lot, but it took 11 hours to go through and understand this =o

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